Starch is used to make sauces denser. (Housewives add flour to home-made sauces just for the same reason).

Starch is modified through a physical impact method such as heating, cooling, etc. Due to the physical change starch retains moisture. This is why less starch would be required if the modified one is used.

Modified starch does not contain genetically modified organisms since it is a substance not an organism and does not have genes.

Mayonnaise Provansal Stolitsa «Postny»has an unusual composition since it does not contain any animal origin ingredients. It is suitable during fasting as well as for vegetarian menu.

However the taste is still as saturated as it is in classic version.

Yes, it will be possible since a special mayonnaise with special composition is used . It does not contain vinegar and mustard powder as these ingredients can irritate tender mucous of the child's stomach. Such mayonnaise can also be used while on a diet. The «Nezhny» mayonnaise is such a product in the KAMAKO range.

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